344 responses to “ツ ʂમσµʈΘµ┼!

  1. Beh, today as the world celebrates Mother’s day, i want to let you know that the love and sacrifices you showed to us cannot be defined in a single word. Unconditional love, patience that goes beyond limits and unending happiness is what makes you unique not only as a loving person but as a perfect mother. Dorothy and i loves you so much! Happy Mother’s Day!

    • kabog ka!

      haha get a life WHORE.. Whatever you do still your PUSSY is the SLIMIEST of them all… bwahahaha You’re so PATHETIC and BADUY.. Is that your MOM’s Dress? hahaha BLACK UNDERARM… that’s the reason why you didn’t pass the FA test.. Hello!?! It’s almost 2 years! Move on PUSSY GIRL who FUCKS everyone.. I don’t even give a damn shit what you are doing in your life.. Please Get a Decent and Happy life.. MOVE ON BITCH!!! ^_~

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