Interesting Facts About Sex

14 tips about sex:

  • Sex is the cure for beauty. The researchers found that when making love to produce amounts of estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smoothness.
  • Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces the risk of dermatitis, rashes and blemishes on the skin. Sweat produced cleanses the pores and your skin literally glow.
  • Making love helps burn calories, so if you overdid it with dinner, it saves a passionate night. Man in sex burn about 880 kilojoules what is about the same as 30 minutes of uphill running.
  • Sex is basically a sport. Stretches and strengthens every muscle in your body. A good way to save the gym.
  • Sex is the most available antidepressant. Released into the bloodstream natural endoforín, which produces feelings of euphoria and leaves a feeling of bliss.
  • Sex has an effect on sex appeal. Sexually active body produces significant quantities of chemicals called pheromones.
  • Sex also acts as a sedative. It is almost ten times more effective than diazepam.
  • Passionate kissing is beneficial to the Impact of your teeth. Supports leaching is leftover food from the teeth and reduces saliva acid that causes tooth decay and prevents the formation of plaque.
  • Sex relieves headaches. Lovemaking releases tension, which narrows blood vessels in the brain.
  • A lot of sex may even loosen stuffy nose. Sex is natural antihistanikum. It helps fight asthma and hay fever.
  • The heat released during sexual intercourse dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. The heart beats so intense and the waste products break down faster.
  • Sex and the Impact of the immune system. It increases with the level of immunoglobulin, which is important in fighting infections.
  • Men who have sex frequent than twice a week, subject to heart attacks by up to half as much more than if those who come to love so often get.
  • Sexual intercourse helps us temporarily forget the pain. It is activated when center in the mid brain, which inhibits pain. Endorphins, which exclude the sex they have similar effects as opium


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