Top 10 Sex Myths!

Top ten sex myths

  • Men want more sex than women. There is no evidence that women should not want sex and he wanted something considerably less than men. The reason for this assumption may be that women care more besides working on the entire household, which is quite tiring. Hormones also affect a woman that has a greater desire for sex at certain times of the month than the entire the time anyway. We are also more emotionally based, and even with each sex need to feel emotions. Therefore, the spread assumption that women do not want to love so much. Certainly it is not a question of women is less passion.
  • Happy couples have sex more perfect. Although it may be in the neighborhood say it’s not always as perfect as it may look externally. And a great pair of super tired sometimes, and not played no mood to make love. So do not believe everything your friends say. You may think that turn all pairs except one have perfect sex, and therefore do not want to admit its reality. And yet it is completely normal.
  • If you need to plan sex and not spontaneous, something is wrong. From the beginning of a relationship with your desire to pull about a hundred and six. According to surveys, but hormones, you are so energizing, disappears after about eighteen months of a relationship. So if you are lucky. Otherwise, it comes after just nine months. It is but natural. What you need to keep, to remind your body and the “brain”, how much sex you are taking. Passion is great, but sex is not planning anything wrong. And to the scheduled sex with you, you can enjoy advance.
  • When the man had an affair with another woman does not love me anymore. Such reasoning may not always be correct. Love you can go forward. Does this mean that it does not respect you and even your unspoken agreement to remain in a monogamous relationship.
  • Women do not like porn or rough sex. Every woman is different. But most like to look at a well-made porn and lighter too excited about such a spectacle. And not every woman needs a gentle massage and sensitive guff. Sometimes you need to be really well .. fuck. And there is nothing better than spontaneous, wild and funny sex.
  • Most women reach orgasm during traditional intercourse. This involves sex in the sense of “eject-insertions. Which is not true and thankfully now that you know some enlightened men. Only 30% of women reach orgasm only encroachment. To meet women’s need to involve not only the penis, but also my hands and tongue …
  • Men want sex all the time and are always ready. That may be true in their 17 years with the first girl. But over time, between twenty and thirty cases appear to gain importance and sexual fantasies are no longer only what we do. Work, stress, strain, bills, arguments, etc, all in the real world, then weakens their desire for sex.
  • Bigger is better, the more the better. Some people with these passwords at certain moments of life control. In fact, the preferences regarding frequency and size varies according to mood and type of sex that we experienced. We alternate the different levels of sexual desire and those in the months and years of change.
  • Masturbating only certain types of people. This is nonsense. At one point in life you did well almost everybody, or it does today. Whether he is 16 or 90, believer or atheist, parent, child or old man ..
  • Sex toys are only for those who have a bad sex life or not. For sex toys is not in any way, somehow defined “goodwill”. In fact, according to surveys of sex toys used by several people who have sex than have sex do not. And approximately 30% of people in my life at least one experience with a sexy toy. Sex toys are not any silver bullets, only to supplement and enhance the sexual repertoire.

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