Sign Of True Love


Love isn’t when you can name a million things you love about the person. Love is when you can’t even find words to describe how you feel about them.

Have you ever loved someone so much and wanted to tell them how they make you feel but just couldn’t find the right words to tell them exactly how you feel? Plenty of us that have experienced love have experienced the same thing and trust me you aren’t alone. When we love someone it is hard to put into words these feelings because love is such a complicated emotion. Even though we may not know exactly the words to say to describe love we still must give our best try at doing this as often as possible.

Telling your loved one how they make you feel and how much you love them will help to keep your relationship with them functioning and will also help to maintain the healthiness of a relationship. So starting today or even right now make it a point to tell someone how much you love them. Even those of you who have trouble relaying how you feel can find something simple to say. A simple yet serious “I love you” followed by a hug can go a long way.


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