Satan Sues Rev. Rob Bell In Blog’s Devilish April Fools’ Interview

Ever since pastor-author Rob Bell ignited hellacious infighting over heaven, hell and salvation in the Christian book-and-blogosphere, I’ve wondered if anyone would dare hit the humor angle. Turns out I just had to wait for April Fools’ Day.

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Jana Riess at Flunking Sainthood takes a devilish little jab at both Bell and his legions of critics:

Satan announced today that Hell has filed for civil damages against HarperOne author Rob Bell, whose new book Love Wins hit shelves in March and has raised, well, hell. In the book, Bell asserts a universalist theology, claiming that God will save every sinner.

“That’s gonna drive us right outta business,” explained the plaintiff’s chief counsel, saying that Mr. Satan is seeking $6 billion in loss of future income, $6 billion in pain and suffering, and $6 billion in punitive damages to deter other would-be universalists.

Bell is raking it in — high on the best-seller lists for his open view on the gates of heaven and rock bottom on traditionalists’ critical reviews from folks who see nothing funny about this. Bell doesn’t even say he’s a universalist. He believes Jesus opened the path to heaven — it’s just that not everyone has to name that path to be on it.

DO YOU THINK … Anyone is laughing yet? Or do you agree with Riess that judgmentalism is a sin, too?


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