25 Best Boss Excuses For Being Absent

I still remember my first job which I hated like anything. Just like everyone, I used to wake up in morning thinking of ways I could escape work. Things changed and I shifted to a more interesting job but the habit continued for a while. Using a real work excuses to escape work involves fun and doing something of your heart desire. In our childhood, just as we enjoyed stealing apples from our neighborhood or orchards more than being served legitimately by our parents, the fun part here is no different. Now I see this happening within my team and somehow enjoy their nature all the more. This post is a compilation of list of 25 best Boss excuses which you can use for being absent from work without getting much attention. Call it a world best excuses but important part is that they work. Mix them often to escape being labeled for a particular excuse.

I did a quick search on internet and found that most of people have taken this subject very lightly or have given bad sample letters. I feel job is a serious thing and so should be your excuse. A bad excuse reflects very poorly on your personality and can hamper your growth. Similarly using them often can put a dent on your image and has serious implications too. Thinking your Boss to be a fool is a mistake in itself and one should always limit the use of excuses. Keep this arsenal when you need it most for the reason you cannot disclose. I consider these to be best boss excuses for being absent primarily because of their nature and their legitimacy. I feel no harm if people remain absent once in a while but this habit is a strict No-No from career viewpoint. One should have fun but not at expense of Job.  So let’s start with the list and see what are the most often and seemingly good looking excuse you can use.

    1. Not Well- This is the most common used excuse. Most people use it for a day or prolong it till weekend. But the excuse for calling in sick works.

    2. Contagious Diseases like Flu- Best one to get an off for good amount of days. Use them when the disease is prevalent and you would find your Boss himself asking you not to come to office.

    3. Rest or Relaxation- This can be in continuation to not being well or if you have returned after doing some hectic job. People often work late and at times more than 18 hours in office itself. Rest and relaxation is a genuine excuse to help your body recover.

    4. Work At Home- Everyone has an important work at Home and how can you be different. Visits from plumber, electrician, or other household stuff are good reasons to go with.

    5. Family Member is Not Well- Wife, kid, parents or other relatives deserves your time and there is no harm in asking for a leave to take care of them. In most cases even your Boss would like you to take care of them by taking a leave.

    6. Appointments-A visit to doctor or some government office which are scheduled and cannot be missed makes up a good reason to take a day off

    7. Break Down-Mechanical things do gives problem and how can your car or mobike be different. A visit to garage can suck your whole day.

    8. No Conveyance- You can miss a bus or a train or there are chances that your friend with whom you commute is not going to office today. In such situations, at times, it makes sense to take leave then reach late in office and that too with great difficulty.

    9. Bad Weather- In adverse weather conditions it makes sense to take a day off then take chances with your health. People do understand such situations and their implications.

    10. Got Back Late Last Night- So you are out of town and didn’t manage to come back early. Explain to boss that you got late and need a rest for the day

    11. Plane/Train Not on Time-So your plane got late and you just reached back home. Call in your Boss about the situation and he wont mind giving you an off.

    12. Traffic- Some traffic jams are for real and it is better to move back then to waste more time. If it is your case then better ask for a day off.

    13. Good Sleep- Sleep is must for being productive. So if you are not able to get a good sleep then it makes sense to take a rest before you go to office the next day.

    14. Preparations/ Party- So you got family gathering at home and you wife needs you help. I don’t see any reason why your boss would refuse you a day off.

    15. Visitors- Relatives and friends do visit home and sometimes without any prior intimation. You can remain absent and ask your Boss for a leave.

    16. Adverse House Situations- Your apartment got flooded or you caught up fight with your neighbor. Use this excuse and you boss won’t mind your absence.

    17. Loss or theft- So you lost your wallet or misplaced something urgent. Something’s are important without which you cannot move and your wallet with ATM cards and license is one of them.

    18. Best Friend or Relative in Town-Long lost friends or relatives deserve some time and there is no harm in being absent for a day and visit them when they have come so far in your own town.

    19. Unexpected Work at Charity or Mission- Do you relate to charity or mission. Such places ask for contributions in form of work and people do take an off to serve their part.

    20. Child Daycare Problems- The babysitter has not shown up and you need to watch your kids. This happens at time when you cannot leave your children back at home or with some unknown people.

    21. School Visit- People do ask for a day off when they have to visit their Children School. Such events take time and need your presence too. Most important you cannot miss them at all.

    22. Old Health Problem- Some old health problems has shown up suddenly and you are not feeling well. Take a day off to mend it completely.

    23. Important Purchase- You are buying a new house or completing the papers. Such things involves long time and there is no harm in asking for an off.

    24. Urgently leave Town- Something urgent has come up and you have to leave immediately out of town. The urgency can be related to your family, relatives or property

    25. Preparing for Exams- So tomorrow is one of your papers for an executive management course. Call up your boss and he wont mind giving you an off for the day.

I personally feel that it is always better to plan your day off in advance then to surprise your boss with unexpected excuses.

However I still gave this list because sometimes the reasons can be genuine and you are short of ideas. Such things definitely show up in terms of your commitment towards work and one should definitely keep a check on this habit. This list of 25 Best Boss Excuses for Being Absent would help you give pointers but the creativity part would always remain yours. Good Luck with your excuse.


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