The Top 10 Worst Reasons For Being Late To Work

You’re late for work for the nth time, and you’re pretty sure your boss won’t be giving you the warmest welcome as you set foot in your office. After using all those easily curable sicknesses as reasons for your tardiness, you resort to making-up non-health-related excuses. Unless you’re purposely trying to get yourself fired, it is recommended you refrain from using these worst reasons.

10. “I got stuck in traffic”

Heavy traffic in the highway

It’s lame. It’s overused. It’s inexcusable. If you’re going to make-up an excuse, can you please have the decency to come-up with something more original. Who doesn’t get stuck in traffic, anyway? The situation gets much worse if you’ve been working for the company for months and you still haven’t learned to leave home early in anticipation of vexing traffic conditions .

9. “It was still too dark, I thought it’s still nighttime”

A man sleeping and its almost morning

Your boss may get your point if you were late a day after the implementation of daylight saving time. However, whatever happened to the whole idea of living in the 21st century, with all the gadgets capable of waking you up even if the sun decides to be absent the whole day? Piece of advice: instead of giving this excuse, run a quick search on the Internet for a new temporary illness to serve as your alibi. You may even choose an ailment your boss may have never heard of. Do make sure you can explain its symptoms though once he asks.

8. “I forgot to set my alarm”

A man turning off his alarm

Okay, now you’re pointing the accusing finger at the gadget. At least, it takes the blame off yourself. Perhaps not all people are capable of developing a dependable body clock that consistently gives you a wake up call at the right time. It’s especially difficult when you’re lacking sleep in the previous days. Maybe giving this excuse for the first time will save you from your boss’ extensive speech on punctuality. Consecutive and repetitive tardiness though due to this reason is likely to result to a written notice.

7. “I thought it’s Saturday”

A yearly planner for the office

What made you think that it’s Saturday when you’ve only been going to work for two days? Your boss may become angrier at you when he realizes that you failed to meet your deadlines because you thought they weren’t due that day. Of course if this is just an excuse you made up, passing all your works due that day will spoil the whole drama. The best thing to do? Pass your work anyway. Perhaps your boss will be more than happy to give you a calendar for your reference, or a planner you can use for your incoming job interviews.

6. “I had no clean pants to wear”

A girl getting her clothes from the laundry

It is really hard to figure out what you’ll wear to the office if your only remaining pair of pants and shirt are already soiled. Washing and drying your clothes can really take time and will definitely take its toll on you when you get to the office. Your reason may be valid, but your boss won’t be happy to hear it. As you may have already observed in the first half of our list, lateness due to negligence doesn’t work with bosses, Now, here goes the downright crazy, completely inexcusable reasons for being late to work.

5. “I waited ’till my iPod finished charging”

An Ipod Classic getting charged

Unless your iPod is vital to your work (which often won’t be the case), you should not give this excuse to your boss. Indeed, your music player can charge itself in a matter of minutes. At the very least however, this daily fraction of an hour will ultimately result in a huge salary deduction – the amount of which you could’ve already used to buy an iPod car charger. Worse, this fraction of an hour can turn into days or months of looking for a job. When that happens, look at the brighter side of life – at least you’ll have more time charging your iPod.


4. “McDo ran out of burgers. I looked for another b ranch”

A Mc Donalds store in front of Times Square

We get the fact that McDonald’s, or any other fast food chain for that matter, provides breakfast for millions of our workforce. However, if one establishment fails to give you the meal you’ve been craving since nighttime, settle for a different meal. Find time to pacify your palate outside working hours. Your pursuit of happiness may suddenly turn to a pursuit of a new job with this excuse.

3. “My pet fish is trying to commit suicide”

An aquarium of freshwater pet fishes

You’ve probably seen fish in an aquarium acting strangely, even swimming with their body positioned upside down. Many say that this is their attempt to commit suicide. Some of them might also try to jump out of their bowls, especially if it had grown too small for them. Now that you know that there is some plausibility in this lame excuse, it is still strongly advised that you don’t play this game with your boss unless he’s an animal lover. The straight and simple fact is he won’t sympathize as much as you think he would.

2. “I had to shovel my driveway (in summer)”

A kid using a shovel to clear the snow

Now, this is a clearcut sign that you’re just making a fool out of your boss. The problem here is you’ve made it too obvious that you’re lying. There are only two possibilities here. It’s either you’re trying to secure a one-way ticket out of your office, or you’ve gone neurotoxic with too much MSG in your system. If you’re certain that you’re still normal mentally, try coming up with a an excuse rooted on reality.

1. “How about I tell you all about it later?”

An employee talking to his Boss

Finally, when you’ve ran out of new excuses, and lame ones do not seem to work, try this delaying tactic. You get a fair

chance that your boss would forget your being late, especially after submitting some impressive work. Two things, though: First, you have to sound convincing as you tell your boss that it’s a long story (your “excuse”). Second, you need to be effective in concealing your guilt while faking a smile.

The next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, in search for your lost pet, or waking up too late for work, think of a more valid excuse to tell your boss. Sometimes your reasons may sound completely acceptable to you, but it’s your superior that draws the line between what’s believable and what’s not.

When you resort to these lame excuses it probably means that you aren’t motivated at work and you probably pretend you’re working a lot. If that is so, you have to find ways to get rid of job burnout.


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  1. Hey, just stumbled on this site from mixx. This isn’t not something I would normally read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thanks for creating a blog post worth reading!

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