Farewell Bitoy

This is a sad moment for us…

Farewell Bitoy…

Thank you for 16 years of happiness…

We love you


We will miss you


4 responses to “Farewell Bitoy

  1. My one and only best friend. I’m so thankful to have you. God knows how much I love this small sexy dog. He was the only treasure I have that I can be proud of. No one can replace him in this world because Bitoy is my little pup! I Love You so much. Baby D Loves you too.I miss you always.Thank you for everything.

  2. He’s a very sophisticated pet dog! He can dance, he can sing a song, he can jump 6 feet high, he can eat his meal for about 30 seconds, he can pee like there’s no tomorrow, he can poo anytime, anywhere, he’s so smart, he can speak and right good chinese, he do sleepwalking, he loves to destroy cats, he can slam his body as his finishing move, he loves his ate so much, he loves to bite me everyday, he always sex me up before going to bed, I LOVE THIS VERY COOL DOG SO MUCH!

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