The Top 10 Most Common User Names

The top 10 most common user names:

1. root
2. admin
3. test
4. guest
5. info
6. adm
7. mysql
8. user
9. administrator
10. oracle


What do hackers do once they gain access to your computer?

This was the most common sequence of actions:
— Check the accessed computer’s software configuration.
— Change the password.
— Check the hardware and/or software configuration again.
— Download a file.
— Install the downloaded program.
— Run the downloaded program.


What are the hackers trying to accomplish?

“The scripts return a list of ‘most likely prospect’ computers to the hacker, who then attempts to access and compromise as many as possible,” Cukier says. “Often they set up ‘back doors’ — undetected entrances into the computer that they control — so they can create ‘botnets,’ for profit or disreputable purposes.”

A botnet is a collection of compromised computers that are controlled by autonomous software robots answering to a hacker, who manipulates the computers remotely. Botnets can act to perpetrate fraud or identity theft, disrupt other networks or damage computer files, among other things.





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