Name Tattoo

Getting a name tattoo design is often seen to be controversial, and many think getting a name tattoo is a little short sighted, but before we pass judgement, let’s take a look at some reasons behind getting a name tattoo.


There are several reasons why people get name tattoos such as:

• Spouse Name Tattoo- Showing your love for your partner
• Honour Tattoo- Honouring a close friend or relative
• In Loving Memory Name Tattoo- Remembering someone who has passed away
• Hero Name Tattoo- A reminder of someone’s ideals and values
• Religious Tattoo- Tattoos of biblical verses
• Gang Name Tattoo- Proving commitment to a gang


Tattoos are available in a number of designs that run the gamut of color, style and complexity. Letter tattoos that commemorate important people or events, contribute to identity formation or pay tribute to a favorite author or artist is just one category of options for people interesting in adding body art.



 Tattoos are frequently associated with expressions of identity; monograms or initials can be designed to reflect elaborate and beautiful tattoos. A basic initial tattoo is commonly placed on the lower back, chest or shoulder. Consider creating an original monogram that features the letters of your first, middle and last name. Elaborate fonts with spiralling flourishes and a combination of thin and thick lines transforms a simple selection of letters into a piece of art. Another option for a monogram tattoo is to create a monogram to commemorate a marriage in which you change your last name; the new monogram can reflect the new stage in your life and a new expression of your identity.



 Words or phases in a language other than your native language create a visually interesting tattoo that maintains an air of mystery. Consult a speaker of the tattoo’s target language to provide a translation of your name or other important word or phase. Languages that use characters rather than single letters to form words can be used to create images out of language. Chinese, Japanese and ancient Mayan all use characters rather than an alphabet in written language. Choose a word or name that is meaningful or symbolic to you and confirm the correct character through a native speaker before committing to the tattoo. Another option is to translate a word into a language from your heritage or ancestry. Thai, Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew all use letter alphabets but the elegance of the writing translates into a visual image that can be used for a tattoo.

Old English Old English font styles are a popular choice for letter and word tattoos because the lettering is highly decorative. The Old English font style evokes a sense of ancient history demonstrated through a more modern medium of body art. Old English can be used for any word, though long phrases tend to appear too cluttered for a genuine Old English style. Another option is to create an illuminated letter box; illuminated letter boxes were used in ancient texts in which the first letter of the text was written in highly decorative Old English and framed by decorative lines to create a text box. Choose the first letter of your name or another significant letter to place in an illuminated box. Placement is best suited to upper arms, shoulders or the chest area.



For a more contemporary approach to letter tattoos, consider an alphabet tattoo. Alphabet tattoos are becoming more popular as a means of celebrating the written word in the same way that artists may get tattoos of paint or brushes. Alphabet tattoos can also accentuate the long lines of the body such as the length of the back or arm. Choose a recognizable font with a limited number of flourishes or write the alphabet in your own handwriting for a truly unique design.


Once you’ve decided on getting a name tattoo, the next step is to find some tattoo ideas and designs. Getting tattoo ideas can be a nightmare, you could search for “name tattoo ideas” online, but fishing through thousands of random tattoo images can be frustrating and time consuming.

Finding good name tattoo ideas means you need to know what type of tattoo styles there are. Below is a list of name tattoo styles and languages. This might help with your search for your new tattoo idea:

Popular name tattoo lettering styles:

• Gothic script tattoos
• Ambigram tattoos
• Cyrillic letter tattoos
• Celtic letter tattoos

Popular name tattoo languages:

• Chinese tattoos
• Kanji tattoos
• Hebrew tattoos
• Latin tattoos
• Arabic tattoos
• Hindi tattoos
• Gaelic tattoos


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