Japanese high schools have a ghost story similar to Bloody Mary in America!


Her name is Hanako-san and though the story has its variations, she is normally found on the third floor, in the third stall of the girl’s restroom in schools. She is said to have bobbed hair with a red skirt and to have originated as early as the 1950s or the 1980s.

She will disappear into thin air if you show her good grades, too! If you want to provoke her, ask her if she is there and she’ll answer in a girl’s voice. If you open the door, then she’ll pull you into the toilet!

There are many variations of who she is or where she came from. One of the most common stories are that she was a girl killed in WWII during a bombing while playing hide-and-go-seek in the restroom. Another is that she was an abused girl who hid in the bathroom of the school where she met her untimely death at the hands of her abuser. So, if you ever go to Japan, watch which bathroom stall you use!



Source: OMG Facts

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