One of the fathers of modern computers committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple!

lan Turing, was a successful British mathematician, credited with creating the building blocks for computer algorithms and cracking the enigma code. He was also gay.Turing was able to keep this a secret for most of his life until his boyfriend got in trouble with the law.

His boyfriend, Arnold Murray, attempted to break into Turing’s house and when the police found out the men were in a relationship, they were arrested for gross indecenc, because homosexuality was illegal in the UK at the time.

The country gave Turing a choice between jail and chemical castration and he chose castration. Unfortunately, depression got the best of him and Alan Turing was found dead on June 8th, 1954. Snow White was his favorite fairy tale, so he committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple!




Source: OMG Facts

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